Dripdraw is amazing authentic Streetwear in Virtual Mystery Boxes. You can open provably fair mystery boxes and have your unboxed products shipped to your doorstep.

How to open a Dripdraw box

There is nothing unusual about the enrollment process at Dripdraw that you should be familiar with. It is identical to other secret websites and extremely straightforward.

  1. Sign up on Dripdraw website.

To expedite enrollment, you can join using your Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts.

2. Add some store money to your account.

There are a few different ways to pay: Choose one of the crates on the website: PayPal, American Express, VISA, or Mastercard. Instead of prices in dollars, you’ll see a “star framework.” As a result, you trade dollars after topping off your record, which is somewhat confusing.

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3.  Open the case and find your prize If you’re not satisfied with the item you won, you can always exchange it and add it to the list.

4. Request a delivery

They will convey your triumph regardless of your location. Despite this, you are responsible for paying for the transportation, which is disadvantageous when considering how much it could cost. According to Dripdraw, the request will be processed within seven to approximately fourteen days.

Enjoy your Dripdraw mystery box.

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